EEC : Our Quality

Over the years our company has been defined by our regard for quality. We fully recognize the implication, particularly within the industries we serve, of a failure in the field.

We would prefer to invest inwardly to create an earned reputation over time than spend lavishly on sales and marketing to repair previous errors or overstate our capability.

Our products are manufactured on our own machines or molded in our own tools so we have control of all aspects of our products from design through to a thoroughly reliable supply to our customers.

Every component is traceable from the finished part through to the original composition of the substrate material. Every critical dimension is 100% checked with calibrated gauges, mostly before the part comes off the machine. Those parts whose critical dimensions are affected by metal finishing are gauged again on a different set of gauges after the finishing process.

New products and product improvements are subject to concentrated verification. New product lines are subjected to validation process through test and approval both internally and with Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories NRTL’s.

Our designers pride themselves on their innovation but are very mindful of the repeatable reliable manufacture of the components they design.

Our Quality starts on the drawing board and features throughout every process in our facility to enable reliable ‘on time’ supply.